Main Contact Number

Phone: 410-571-6757


John Czajkowski, District Manager
410-919-2336 | Email:

Keli Kirby, Office Manager 
410-919-2324 | Email:

Mary Ford, Secretary
410-919-2326 | Email:



Urban Employees

Kevin Holland, Senior Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2330 | Email: 

Justin Valkos, Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2329 | Email:
Gary Armstrong, Soil Conservation Specialist
Gary Armstrong, Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2333 | Email:



Agricultural Employees

Eileen Beard, Reginal Agricultural Resource Conservation Specialist, Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA), 
410-919-2335 | Email:

Joe Superczynski, Senior Agriculture Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2327 | Email:

David Scheler, Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2338 | Email:

Shelley Garrett, Soil Conservation Specialist
410-919-2323 | Email:

Mitch LeMuiex, Soil Conservationist
Mitch LeMuiex, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Soil Conservationist
Currently Acting District Conservationist
410-919-2334 | Email:

Nathan Holsey, Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA),
Reginal Agricultural Resource Conservation Specialist 410-919-2337 | Email: