Agricultural Buildings

Building Permit Exemption & Grading Permits

Building and grading permits must be obtained from the Anne Arundel County Permit Center. Certain projects may meet the requirements of an agricultural building and/or grading exemption in County Code. Please see our Permitting Guide for specific language.

As a summary, in order for your agricultural building to be covered by the building permit exemption, it must meet the following standards:

  1. It must be used for purposes defined in the code (see 105.2 in Permitting Guide)
  2. It must be on a farm that has a current soil conservation and water quality plan, more often referred to as a farm plan. These plans are drafted by AASCD staff in consultation with the farm operator. They include maps of the property and identify farming and conservation practices. All plans must be approved by the District Board and include Cooperators Agreement with the District. There is no fee to have a farm plan drafted for your farm.
  3. It must not be open to the general public, over 40 feet tall, and/or within 60 feet of other buildings.
  4. It must be on land that is either zoned RA or be zoned RLD and assessed as agricultural by the state.

For assistance in determining whether your structure is exempt, contact the AASCD office. If exempt, submit the Landowner’s Worksheet Guide for Agricultural Structures to Anne Arundel County Inspects and Permits along with a copy of your conservation map from your farm plan. Your map must show the location of your proposed structure.

Standard Grading Plan, Resolution 2017-2 and all paperwork associated with the building permit exemption:
Click a link below to download the forms