Maryland’s Five Million Trees Initiative

What is The 5 Million Trees Initiative?

The 5 Million Trees Initiative began with legislation passed in 2021 by the Maryland General Assembly and solidified into a final plan to grow 5 million native trees in the state of Maryland by 2031. This multi-agency effort builds upon the state's existing investments in climate action, ecosystem restoration, and forest management. It also places an emphasis on equity with a commitment to grow at least 500,000, or 10%, of these trees in urban underserved areas of the state.
As part of the U.S. Chapter of 1t.org, Maryland has pledged this 5 million trees goal as part of a broader commitment by U.S. based companies, non-profits, and governments to conserve, restore, and grow one trillion trees globally by 2030.
For more information: click here
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MDA White-tailed Deer Survey

In an effort to understand the ongoing deer problem Maryland farmers are facing,
MDA has developed a survey to better assist with addressing the issue when developing policy.
The survey can be found on MDA's website at:  Deer Survey
Please take a moment to complete the survey and share it with your cooperators, your response will assist the MDA team greatly!
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Bay Friendly Farming (Formally the FSCAP Program)

When you see a farm with a sign designating them as a “Certified Bay-Friendly Farm,” that means they’re not only making it possible for us to enjoy Maryland-grown products, they’ve also voluntarily taken verified actions that keep our water, land, and air healthy.
The Maryland Association of Conservation Districts worked with partners to create the Bay-Friendly Farming program to recognize farmers who demonstrate outstanding conservation and invite everyone to take pride in and support their efforts. Farms that apply for certification are evaluated based on measures related to soil health, water quality, nutrient management, and other criteria.
For more information: Signs of Stewardship
To see how to get certified: BFF Certification Process
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