2023-2024 Cover Crop Program

The 2023-2024 Cover Crop Sign-up will start in the beginning of July.

Official dates will be forthcoming.

Cover crops are your first line of defense against erosion and runoff in the winter

For more information on the Cover Crop program and the New Cover Crop Plus Program go to:

Maryland Cover Crop Program

Cover Crop Plus (3-year commitment, 5 acre minimum and 500 acre maximum)

Cover Crop Flyer

Nutrient Management Plan Certification Form (Needed if applying for the Cover Crop Program) 

Cover Crop Application  Cover Crop application Instructions Cover Crop Requirements and Agreement

Conservation Spotlight - Cover Crops

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The Green Master Plan Update Is Underway!

The Green Infrastructure Master Plan Update Is Underway! The Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning and Department of Recreation and Parks are updating the 2002 Greenways Plan. The revised plan, now known as the Green Infrastructure Master Plan, uses current and more robust data to identify the largest natural areas in the County and connections between them. The County uses the Green Infrastructure Master Plan to prioritize targets for conservation easements and public acquisition.   The County's green infrastructure network provides a number of “ecosystem services,” including the ability of forests, fields, and wetlands to support plants and animals, purify the air, filter water, and capture carbon. Residents experience the advantages of the Green Infrastructure Network through access to outdoor recreation, economic development through tourism to our beautiful lands and shorelines, and fresh foods grown on local farmland, among many other benefits.   How Does Green Infrastructure Relate to Agriculture? The Green Infrastructure Network includes agricultural lands if they include or are adjacent to large natural areas. Being part of the Network does not add any regulations to farm operations. It does support protection of rural lands to support the current and future agricultural economy.   How Can I Give Input to the Plan? Visit the Green Infrastructure website to learn more and view and submit comments on a map of the Green Infrastructure Network. To see the Green Infrastructure Master Plan Update got to: green-fact-sheet.pdf (aacounty.org) To access the Community Survey go to: 2021 Green Infrastructure Master Plan Update Survey (surveymonkey.com)
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Countywide Biological Monitoring Program

Every year, Anne Arundel County’s Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration (BWPR) samples the fish and aquatic insects in County streams and rivers as a part of their Countywide Biological Monitoring Program. Biological monitoring of streams and rivers is an assessment technique employed nationwide by local, state, and federal agencies and is rooted in over 40 years of sound, scientific research supporting it as a great, cost-effective way to understand the overall health of the waterways in our County! The Program selects the streams it samples at random using digital maps and selected reaches are sampled for aquatic insects in the spring and fish in the summer. BWPR staff and their consultants are gearing up for their 2021 sampling year, so if you get a letter in the mail this winter requesting access to sample the stream on your property, please be sure to respond to this wonderful project in order to help get an overview of the water quality and stream health throughout our County! For more information on sampling details, important dates, and any questions about the Program, please visit https://www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/wprp/ecological-assessment-and-evaluation/biological-monitoring/ or contact Chris Victoria with BWPR (410-222-0545) or the AASCD office (410-571-6757).
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